What is this all about?

The idea for fastcry.pt arose when I was in need for a quick and easy solution to share data with a 3rd party. The problem was, I only had an email address and the phone number (with WhatsApp contact) of the person I wanted to send the data. I ended up sending an encrypted ZIP file via mail and provide the password to him via WhatsApp. This worked but wasn't suffient to me. So I sat down a weekend and built this service. It is meant to be quick, easy to use, anonymous and secure - which I think I accomplished.

Technical details

For the tech nerds of you, here are some technical details of how the service works. The service is written in Perl and is driven by the fabulous mojolicious framework. The files are stored AES256-CBC (Salted) at rest on the hard disc. No user (meta) data is stored with the file - no logs*, no IPs, no nothing. If you stored a note and forgot the password - well, that's bad luck. As this is meant to quickly share a note and not to store them for eternity, there is a cronjob running, which will delete any note, which is older than 30 days.
* = At least not on my side. The service is Cloudflare-powered and I guess they are logging at least some IPs and stuff. If's that's a concern to you, you probably shouldn't use this service

Shout outs

As I am a lazy person, I used some handy 3rd party scripts/technologies for this service. Special thanks to all those developers helping others by publishing their stuff.

And as I am happily benifiting from all these Open Source products, I have decided to make the sources of fastcry.pt also public.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me:

Good old email

Address: [email protected] (GnuPG highly requested!)
GPG-Key ID: 0xa1c6865e)
GPG Fingerprint: 6E9E 3C6E 8A2E B99C 3AB3 D9DD 949E 0A1B A1C6 865E

Instant messaging / Social media

Jabber: [email protected]
OTR Fingerprint: E692A77F 0475CADF 503DCDCB 8D0F2C56 1C9D5E1D
Skype: doomshammer
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/wneessen

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